FG Xpress PowerStrips Product Review

Welcome to our official review of the FG Xpress Powerstrips which is an FDA approved pain reliever. Here at http://fgxpresspowerstrips.org we will do our best to provide you with an accurate review of the product.

FG Xpress PowerStrips

fg xpress-powerstrips

The PowerStrips from FG Xpress use Far Infrared Technology and a state of the art delivery of Korean Red Ginseng, marine phytoplankton, silver, and a blend of minerals and nutrients our bodies need to restore and maintain health.

The PowerStrips are especially created for everyday use. Some results will show up right away, yet not all the benefits will be right away visible. Those interested in experiencing with these strips should benefit from one month trial.

FGXpress PowerStrips Benefits

Among many other health benefits, people have reported different health results, such as:

  • reduction of inflammation and pain
  • elevated levels of energy and increased libido
  • a better, calmer sleep
  • an elevated sense of wellbeing
  • improved mental clarity, a better memory
  • an improved immune system
  • the breakdown of cellulite

FDA listed PowerStrips as Class 1 Medical Devices for pain management. They can be mounted on every part of the body.


There are 5 main technologies/ingredients FG Xpress PowerStrips use:

1. Water soluble adhesive technique that makes regular use easy and comfy due to the fact that is so gentle to the skin.

2. Germanium, which is a far infrared based technology. It activates the nitric oxide pathways in the body and brings oxygen to every cell. It also transports metabolic wastes, leaving the body cleansed.


3. Korean red ginseng is already known to deal with pain and stress. Its effects are over the immune system. Increasing relaxation Korean red ginseng improves the cognitive function, normalizes the blood pressure, and more. The same ginseng contains the richest number of saponins.

The benefits of saponins include anti-tumor activity. Saponins get partially destroyed in the digestive tract. For this reason, a topical trans-dermal application is always ideal.

4. Marine phytoplankton is a proprietary blend found to be one of the best. They say it is the purest source of nutrition found in a single place. It is known to boost the entire immune system; it elevates the mood, providing a sense of well-being. More than this, it provides the body all the tools cells require to restore or maintain health in order.

5. Silver (ionic), the well-known anti-microbial that protects against infection.

Chinese scientists have proven Korean ginseng can increase the immune cell activity in the body. This includes the activity of T-cells and lymphocytes, which are all instrumental in fighting cancer and other immune system disorders.

The patented marine phytoplankton in the Power Strips has been found in full double-blind medical studies at the University of Utah to significantly increase CD3 measures (presence of T- lymphocytes), primarily responsible for the elimination of internally manufactured antigens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in organs and tissues.

Power Strips, created by Dr. Minsu Kim of the Future Engineering Institute, University of Korea, are worn daily and/or as desired, anywhere on the body where there is pain, stiffness, or discomfort. They work well with any other healing modality, helping the body to heal itself. In other words, PowerStrips are the ideal pain relievers in the world.

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